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Seeding Data Domains and Netbackup OST

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 30 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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We are in the process of implementing our first OST based Storage Units using Data Domains and Storage Life Cycle Policies. I have the 2 DD's all configured and working in the test lab and everything is running great. Here is the basic config

Media server A: Solaris sparc - NBU


Media server B: Wintel - NBU


 As I mentioned we are going to use SLP to make backups to the Remote DD and replicate back to the Local DD and then off load to tape. Due to the large amount of data to be backed up at the remote site we are looking to ship both DD's and Media Server B to do the inital backup and then ship the Local_DD back and attach to Media server A.

My question is whether or not this will work. Im almost thinking that I will have to send both Media Server A and B to the remote site for seeding (along with both DD's) and then bring back Media Server A and Local_DD. Any thoughts? Id like to avoid an Image Import due to the amount of time that would take.

Let me know what you think. Any thoughts at all are apprecieated



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do you have enough bandwith avaliable for between the local and remote sites?

 you are saying backups to the Remote DD and replicate back to the Local DD and then off load to tape.

and here is my apporch..

backups to local DD , duplicate to Remore DD and off load tape at remore site.

this approch will help to make the quick backups....(inturn reduce the backup failurs and dont thouch clients for long time) and then you will have enough time to duplicate date to Remote DD.(you does not need to worry  like backups as they are duplications) and then do the duplicate from there.

and about the best replication results, check your avaliable bandwith and check with EMC for better recommendations.

check the below EMC docs, which could give you more info

i dont recommend to move the DD and media servers between the sites, its not at all recommended unless special conditions.. and your is the production support, if you go for that you have to perform this as long as you support it.. and its consumes lot of time and money.. 

hope this helps..

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Hi Nagalla

Thanks for your comments. Just a few things for me to clairfy. 

The local site is were the tape library is and the remote site is where the data is. So the data has to end up at the local site from the remote site.

The only reason I want to seed is because of the amount of data that needs to be captured at the remote site. I have a good connection from here to there but not one I want to send Terrabytes of data over

Hope that makes things easier to understand what Im trying to acomplish

Thanks again


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hi Jared,

apolizise... when you say local site.. i though that is the place you have the data to be backup.. 

but in your case you have the data in remote site.. (so that is the local site for data)

so lets stick to your approch..

backups to the Remote DD and replicate back to the Local DD and then off load to tape( as data is in Remote site)

in this case.. i would like you to sit with EMC and look for the possible recommendations. may be some sort of compresssion and improving bandwith..

EMC has the feature of Optimized duplication  for low bandwith..

based on that you need to make decission on SLP.

how frequent you want to duplicate the data

on daily jobs,weekly jobs or monthyl..

. if you are thinkning about the daily jobs.. its deficult to achive it... if you are thinking about weekly jobs or monthly jobs only yes, you can achive it based on your bandwidth.

because moving the DD and media servers accross the site will not help you in long run ..and it may lead to more technical and human errors.. 

hope this helps..

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Speak to your DD support team to ensure networking between Local_DD and Remote_DD is configured correctly. 
Ideally there should be a private network between them.
Also, if configured correctly, duplication between DD's are direct, in other words NOT Remote_DD > Media server B > Media server A > Local_DD.
So, as long as Media server A and B are available on the network, it should work to perform initial duplication with both DD's at the same site. 

Ask your DD team about initial seeding Best Practice.  

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