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Seeing error Code - ERROR_SOCKET_COMMUNICATION intermittently

Created: 03 Sep 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012

I am sending the byte contents of the same file for scan in a loop - 20 Iterations. Out of 20 iterations, couple of iterations are failing with an error code - ERROR_SOCKET_COMMUNICATION. Seeing this error code intermittently. 

Seeing the below exception stack trace in the logs.  

Unable to communicate with Symantec Scan Engine.
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at VirusScanTestMain.isContentClean(
    at VirusScanTestMain.main(
Tried the approach suggested @ by increasing the readWriteTime and failRetryTime as seen below, but to no luck.

ScanEngine scanEngine = ScanEngine.createScanEngine(scanEnginesForScanning, 4000, 2000);
Any inputs on how this error code ( ERROR_SOCKET_COMMUNICATION )  can be handled ? Should I go for a retry logic if we are getting this error code or is there any configurations that can be tweaked ?
The Symantec thread configurations parmeters have default values.

Max Thread Size or Thread Pool Size : 128
Waiting Threads :  16
Threshold for queued requests : 100