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Self decrypting archive - does not work?

Created: 07 May 2014 | 1 comment

I am using the trial version.

I was able to successfully create a self-decrypting archive file using PGP command line, but when I try to "run" the resulting file, I have 2 issues:

1) It seems to only run on 32-bit versions of Windows

2) When running it on 32-bit Windows, it just opens a command prompt window with a cursor moving around randomly all over the window. It does not accept any input as far as I can tell. I would expect it to ask for the passphrase, then decrypt the file afterward. Am I missing something? 

Operating Systems:

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The OS platforms for which the files can be encrypted are:

  • win32 (Windows)
  • linux (Linux)
  • solaris (Solaris)
  • aix (AIX)
  • hpux (HP-UX)
  • osx (Mac OS X)

Use the below command and specify the OS

pgp --encrypt filename -symmetric-passphrase "B0b*sm1t4" --sda --target-platform win32

This command produced the encrypted file "filename.txt.pgp" prepared for the Win32