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I need conformation on Self Healing topic

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 10 Apr 2014 | 5 comments


1) I creat Feature 1 , Feature 2, feature 3 and sub feature4 of feature 3.

    So in this stage. Is there any missmatch in Feature 4 , Is it self heald or not 

2) I am trying to utilize the MSI self-healing feature. My advertised shortcut is of an executable file residing in a component under a MAIN program feature. oHowever, I have subfeatures under the MAIN program feature. So I need to self heal only Subfeatures is it posible.

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This is so easy to test that I would recommend you try it and see what results you get.

I suspect you will find that unless there is an advertised entry point in subfeature 4, it will not self heal.

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why dont you test it by creating a dummy MSI:)....anyways, if the adv shortcut/incl the exe is not part of that feature, then it wont.

(2) If you make that happen, then make your feature PARENT of the feature which includes the shortcut/incl the exe as component level healing will solve the purpose of yours.



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How Can I Identify the application is Driver application or not.

I have some idea about that, That is I have check In folder " Windows/inf" and of OEMxx.inf and OEMxx.pnf files.

But with out this is there any way to check the application is Driver application or not.