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I just got SEMS up and running. I use it with BES5 and Exchange 2010. I can send emails with pgp encryption to other recipients from inside and outside the company. But when other recipient wants to reply he is unable to send email back because pgp server says it cant find keys on the pgp server. 

Does anybody knows what to do here? I would really appreciate the help.


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Hi Abdelkhalek

Have a look into this forum and KB's:

Configuring BlackBerry Devices to Work with PGP Universal and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.x


If you do not have a PGP Universal server or if you are using, a CKM key (CKM keys are not stored on PGP Universal Server), send an email to BlackBerry device with your keypair attached to an email, as this keypair will be used as a part of PGP Universal enrollment process.  If you have a PGP Universal Server, please note that PGP user accounts will NOT be created on PGP Universal Server when enrolling from a BlackBerry device.  Hence, you must create internal user accounts on PGP Universal Server prior to enrolling a BlackBerry device to use PGP encryption. For creation of internal user accounts on PGP Universal Server, enroll through bound PGP Desktop client or upload the keypair to server prior to further actions.

Do you use CKM keys



Configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for use with the PGP Universal Server    


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