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SEMS time for synchronize ldap group

Created: 27 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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We have SEMS 3.3.1 build 13100 with Windows 7 clients.  We are only using file share encryption through policies. 
Are there any way to change settings for the intervall when SEMS checking with AD for matched consumer in AD groups. I found in the logs that "GROUPPERIODIC: Starting periodic regrouping of all consumers  is happening about every 6 hours.
I would like tho change it to  for example every second hour.. 
Regards Pontus 
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SEMS has a task scheduled in Cronjob for periodic regrouping. you will want to modify the schedule for below task in /etc/crontab file.

*/16 * * * * root /usr/bin/pgprepctl task /usr/bin/pgpgrouptool --signal-groupd-periodic >& /dev/null

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Also there is an internal KB article TECH192702 "HOW TO: Tune Active Directory Synchronization interval in PGP Universal Server" for more tuning options. But you would need to log a case with Symantec support to get the contents from the KB and their implications on your AD infra.
I am no longer on the support team, and do not have access there any more.

I am no longer a Symantec employee.