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Semsvc.exe using all of my cpu

Created: 12 Jan 2011 | 5 comments

I'm running SEPM 11.0.6 MP1.  I had my symantec server on a physical machine and then I used P2V to virtualize the virtual machine.  Now when the machine is runnning Semsvc.exe is hogging the CPU, typically from between 40%-90% of the CPU at one time.  Then it will go away and the system will run nice and smooth, but when it hogs the CPU it brings the machine down to its knees.  Does anyone know why this is happening or if there is a fix in place?  I though I read on the forums people saying this was fixed in MP1, but doesn't seem to be the case since thats what I'm running.

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Thomas K's picture

Are you running an SQL DB?

If utilizing MS-SQL for the SEPM database, it is preferable to run this on a physical machine (as opposed to a virtual machine).

  • This will ensure less chance of Disk I/O and other resource bottlenecks

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No I'm running IIS and ODBC built into windows XP.  I guess I should have mentioned that I'm running this on a windows xp professional sp3 box.  It runs just fine on the physical box and I don't have an issue with running it on a physical box, but for backup/restore capabilities I wanted to virtualize it in case of system failure, it would be easy to just backup the virtual image.

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you can limit the cup usage used by SEPM

open file and add this line ( which is 20%, 0.3 is 30%...)

let us know if this works.

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When making these changes, do you need to restart toe SEPM Serivice, Tomcat, or reboot?

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I'm using SBS R2 - 11.0.6200...  Semsvc.exe is using 15% to 90% of the server.  I've been to other forums and I'm not quite understanding how to fix the problem yet.  Inside C:\...\...\...\...\ agentfile folder I have 32 files and I'm not sure if I should delete them or not.  Would that help me?  If not what would help me beside buying a new server and that would not  go over very well with powers to be?!