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Send all recipient-emails to lookup script.

Created: 22 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


I am attempting to write a small python script that will populate a custom attribute we have in Vontu. I need to pass it all recipient emails on an incident so I can process them and then return a single yes / no / partial flag depending on wether the individual recipients match a list of domains I will check against.

What I am unsure about is how I would send all the recipients to the script, as the documentation mentions that multiple instances of an attribute can be individually indexed by using a numeric qualifier (recipient-email1, recipient-email2 etc), but how would I send all recipients at the same time?

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dont know if this is what yuo are looking for but use this.

it works great

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You probably do not want the system to send you all of them at once. You probably want to take in each recepient and then compar the domain of that email to your list. This would be a "for each then loop" this way it can compare each recpient to the list.


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Here's what I need to do:

  1. Take all the recipients on an incident
  2. For each recipient, check the domain against the domain list
  3. If all recipient domains are present on the list, return 'Yes' to a custom attribute
  4. If some of the recipient domains are present on the list, return 'Partial' to the custom attribute
  5. If none of the recipient domains are present on the list, return 'No' to the custom attribute

What I was attempting to do was to send all the recipients to the script in one go, then process them within the script. That way I can keep track of matches to the domain list, and return the correct value once all recipients have been looked at.

How would I do that if the script is called 'n' times for an incident that has multiple recipients?