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Send clear - Job Finalized

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 5 comments


I have alert policy with alert condition 'Job Finalized' that works fine, but the alerts are not cleared and I wanna know why because there is another policy with Alert Condition 'Drive Down' that the alerts are cleared.



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Hi Tominaga

I also encountered the case and found the info from "Symantec OpsCenter Administrator's Guide 7.5".
Please refer to Page Number 488 and Page 489.

I have pasted the details here for your reference.

The OpsCenter console displays active alerts by default (these are the alerts that have not been cleared). Some alerts (for example, Drive is Down) are cleared automatically when the condition is resolved. You can view cleared alerts from Monitor > Alerts view (List View) by using the Cleared or All Alerts filter.

The following alerts are cleared automatically when the condition is resolved:

■ Drive is Down
■ Lost Contact with Media Server
■ Service Stopped
■ Agent Server Communication Break
■ Master Server Unreachable
■ Frozen Media
■ Suspended Media
■ Disk Pool Full
■ Disk Volume Down
■ Symantec ThreatCon
■ High Down Drives
■ High Frozen Media
■ High Suspended Media
■ Low Available Media
■ No Cleaning Tape
■ Low Disk Volume Capacity
■ Catalog Space Low
■ Catalog not backed up
■ Catalog backup disabled

To acknowledge an alert
1 In the OpsCenter console, select Monitor > Alerts.
2 Select an alert from the table.
3 Click Acknowledge or Clear.

To add a comment for an alert
1 In the OpsCenter console, select Monitor > Alerts.
2 Select an alert from the table.
3 Click AddComment. You can add a comment as a reminder to yourself or for
other users.

To clear an alert
1 In the OpsCenter console, select Monitor > Alerts.
2 Select an alert from the table.
3 Click More and then select Clear from the drop-down list.

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Thanks Mansoor.sheik for help me!

I read the pages 488, 489 and 467, 468. So there is no way to setting up automatically clear for jobs right???!!!!

I´m trying to integrate my system monitor (spectrum C.A) with OpsCenter to open tickets for jobs failed and automatically clear would help me. So are there any idea to help me????

Thanks again!

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If you are simply using OpsCenter to relay the alert, then perhaps setting up purging for 1 day, would best suit your needs.

Under the OpsCenter WebUI, click on Settings, Configuration, Data Purge, and look for the Alert item.

Default is 31 days, however this can be modified to suit your needs.

In addition, if this is not a viable option, then once the ticket is generated on Spectrum side, perhaps the first item for the admin to perform is to clear the corresponding alert within OpsCenter.

Other then those to options, Job Finalized alerts are not cleared automatically within OpsCenter.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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Hi Tominaga, Did you got the solution ?

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Hi guys,

I have exactly the same problem. Is there any way to handle this via a script or something?