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Send E-mail Notification to Managers with Detail Content

Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Hi ,

    Is it possible to send e-mail to manager when incident happened, and the e-mail's content include the incident snaphots?

    I know there is a $INCIDENT_SNAPSHOT$ to be a link, how about snaphots ?

Wayne Chen

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Hi Wayne ,

yes, It is possible for this. u must need to integrate the DLP with AD and activate smart responce rule to send email notifiaction to manager. This u  will find at policy rule in manage>Policy list ......

Please refer below link u will get better idea.

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While LDAP/AD is the best way to to do it, it is also possible to use a flat file of user id to manager email address.


John G. Thompson

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I think you are referring to something else..

If you want to send an email to the ALREADY found manager through AD integration..

Can the EMAIL contain the actual incident details?

The answer is NO..the reason why is as follows:

  • From a security perspective you DO NOT want to send any of the cpatured data outside of the system. You would be just proliferating the loss of data through internal email.
  • This is why reports are "suggested" to be links to the DLP console, so authentication has to happen for the "RIGHT" person to see the data.

Keep in mind that the idea of the DLP workflow is to provide as much information on the incident in the email, but still enforce the security of the Encrpyted DB to store all of the important data.

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Agree with DLP solution but ultimately when you sent link notification to manager then he will access all information related to thet specific incidents. It has to be given access to the manaher to investigate the incidents so it must be sent out to manager eithre incident links or incident snapshot.You can proceed to sent notification with above suggestion since manager needs above incident data for investiagtion.