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Send log files from mobile device to symantec server

Created: 04 Nov 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments


  I have the Symantec Mobile AV ver5.1 installed on my HTC Tytn 2 WM 6.1.


  In the "TOOLS" folder, I edited the file sb.ini 's "UploadHost" field =


  The .cfg files are compiled and then placed into the device.  I am sure the .cfg files are correctly put in because the admin message I put in the sb.ini is shown in "About Antivirus"


  I tested that the FTP site is ok by installing a FTP client on the device to upload a file to


  After a few hours, I do not see any log files being uploaded on the FTP website although there are log files in Program Files > Symantec > Antivirus > Symantec Data > Log.


  I also checked Symantec System Center > Symantec Mobile Security > Logs > Event Log.  But there is nothing.


  I run wireshark on the server and saw nobody connect to FTP server.


  Can anyone tell me whether I am doing anything wrongly?  How can I edit the log upload interval to the server?


  I want to see logs for example, when device run scans, when device updated AV definitions etc.



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I don't see anything wrong with your sb.ini configuration.  If you have not done so already please open a support case so we can research this issue in more detail. There is a Microsoft tool that will help analyze the problem, the Windows Mobile Network Analyzer PowerToy.  This utility allows you to perform packet captures on the mobile device.  This will show if the mobile device is attempting an FTP connection or not.



Symantec System Center > Symantec Mobile Security > Logs > Event Log


This menu set is available from the Mobile Security plugin for the Symantec System Center.  The log data becomes available to the plugin through the following process.


1. Sync the Windows Mobile phone to a PC running Symantec Antivirus & Microsoft ActiveSync.

2. The mobile phone sync will transfer Mobile Security data from the phone to the PC.

3. The Mobile Security data is uploaded to the Symantec Antivirus server during the Symantec Antivirus client checkin.

4. Once the data reaches the SAV server it becomes available under the referenced menu set.



Program Files > Symantec > Antivirus > Symantec Data > Log


It would need to be reviewed, however the expected contents would be log data generated by the Symantec Antivirus client or server.

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Is it really possible to tak log report of scanning from moobile

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is there facility available to take log report of scanning from moble ..

m confused..

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If u are using mobile security suite(AV) 5.1 then it is possible to take log