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Sending invitation to the app center

Created: 16 Apr 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2013 | 2 comments's picture

Today i was provisioning around 4 devices to an app center. In one case i send an email invite from the app center even before the email or icloud account was created on the device. But later once the email account was created i was not able to send an invite to the device again using the email id.

I tried adding another e-mail account on the same device and it worked fine. But i am following a series of email id. Hence would nedd to to use the email id provisioned intially.

Is there a way around of sorting this issue or able to send an email to link to the app center.

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Hello Anoop,

This is interesting, as the same issue was reported in a recent thread:

I wondered if this was a static issue with App Center invites, or possibly something to do with the Apple accounts. I tested the exact same scenario, but using an internal e-mail server. I received the second invite e-mail after creating the account, and was able to send an additional invite e-mail as well. This being the case, I believe this issue is associated with Apple accounts.

Each invite includes a distinct obfuscated hyperlink per each e-mail address / target user. This link is dynamically generated and cannot be predicted. My only recommendation on avoiding this behavior would be to create the accounts in App Center ahead of time (via .csv import, or manually created), then sending out the notice using the "Send Links" button on the user account, or composing the e-mail manually and target to all desired recipients. The link to install our App Center App (ACA) could simply the FQDN of the App Center server. The users will be redirected, based on the request coming from a mobile device, to the appropriate device ACA download page. The catch to this method, is that the passwords will need to be defined ahead of time, and the users would then need to change their passwords after the fact.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have further questions


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Hello Andrew,

Thaks for the prompt reply.

yeah the last optiojn even i sought was to do as you said add users manually and devices were deployed two days back. I called them yesterday and the devices are working fine. But am just worried in future will it cause any problems.

Any ways thanks alot for your advice and please do keep me posted if you come up with any go around in the future.

KInd regards,

Anoop Paul