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SEP 11.0.1000.1375 vs Vista Bussiness

Created: 25 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
Hi all,
I'm experiencing quite strange issues with Vista. After installing SEP (via push) yesterday morning I had:
- client is unable to connect to SEPM. Comunication is fine, I can ping, browse reporting site from this client, etc., but when I click troubleshooting - the I see offline
- smc.exe has 100% CPU, can't be killed, only reboot helps
- after some time (several hours) client is communicating with SEPM server, downloads definitions and policy, then... wents offline again
- PC is loosing network connectivity to all network, again, only reboot helps
- I wanted to use sylinkwatcher to check what is going on, but he gives me error no=2 and displays nothing
All of those (except last) are random, I can't find any pattern. PC is brand new laptop with fresh OS and Office 2007 installed, nothing fancy. I have some other test clients running on XP, those seems to behave better.
I opened case with Symantec but for last 24 hours nothing happen from their side.
Any ideas what to do except uninstalling SEP, what I'm planning to do in few minutes?