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SEP 11.0.5 Stop Updating in Window 7 64-bits

Created: 21 Nov 2012 | 8 comments

I was able to install SEP 11.0.5 in Win 7 64-bits.   It has been work for just about 2 years, and the LiveUpdate 3.3 stop allowing my update of new anti-virus updates.

So I tried re-installing my SEP 11.0.5 back on my system.  Now it will now install completely.  I do get the LiveUpdate 3.3 loaded and nothing else.

I have seen the "solution of SEP 11.0.5 deployment to Window 7".   I tried looking for the following registry keys:




I didn't see the PendingFileRenameOperations key, but I did see FileRenameOperations key.   I believe they are different and I didn't touch that.

In my case I also add another key:


and it didn't have the PendingFileRenameOperations

I would appreciate any help that can be given.    I only have on executible file for installing my SEP 11.0.5 x64 .   This was the download at the university. 


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That key is needed when you are not able to install.

installation is done, what do you get when you run


run luall.exe?

does that run

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I just tried run luall.exe and nothing happens.   It doesn't run anything on my system.

As I indicated, the exe file I got from the university (by login in with my student ID and password) allow me to download "SEP11.0.5-Full-x64.exe"    I was able to install this before and everything was working on my system.   Just lately, my LiveUpdate was not able to install the latest virus definition, and decided to un-install and re-install "SEP11.0.5-Full-x64.exe".

Now I can install it completely.  I do see the LiveUpdate 3.3 in the sytem.  Instarts installing and then seems to go backward (i.e like uninstall).

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follow this document

remove all the liveupdate files and install from ftp site as mentioned in document and then install SEP

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I printed the article and it looks like it assume that I didn't un-install the SEP.  I unstall everything, and trying re-installing earlier.   Only the LiveUpdate 3.3 was reloaded.

Following the instructions, I backup the files in LiveUpdate.

In the "To Register SEPM with LiveUpdate:", it ask me to give the path of lucatalog.exe -  I don't have that, but the article gave me the path to download "LUSETUP.exe".

In step 2 "To register the SEP Client with LiveUpdate",  Click Add programs,  DO I JUST ENTER THE PATH TO MY EXECUTIBLE "SEP11.0.5-Full-x64.exe ????

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I was able to complete step 8 Broswer to:

To register SEPM with LiveUpdate:   I started the DOS cmd prompt, and I don't know the path to lucatalog.exe ???   I have NO folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endoint Protection Manager\  !!

The only folder I see under Symantec is LiveUpdate

Unable to proceed ???


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if you do a repair of sepm from add /remove programs it will register liveupdate ,

that step is for endpoitn protection manager. you dont have that manager installed. so just do repair

start -run 

type luall.exe it should run

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Sorry, not sure your instruction to run LUALL.exe.

What I did was to use the explore and I found it at c:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\LiveUpdate\LUALL.exe

I right click the LUALL.exe and selected Run with Administrator.  It runs and gives me the following error "LU1803:  Liveupdate failed while getting your opdate.

LiveUpdate had an internal error while getting your updates.  Your Symantec program were not updated."

What should I do Next ???