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SEP 11.x console / SAVCE 10.x console: Comparing steps to complete common management tasks

Created: 27 Feb 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 12 comments
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Just a quick reminder of this resource we have available:
For anyone who has just moved over to SEP 11.x from SAV CE 10.x, this resource provides good guidance on how to complete basic admin tasks you will be used to from the SAV CE SSC days.

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Thanks for the great link...but since I cannot log into the Manager Console yet, any link to provide support for this issue would be a benefit!
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Does anyone know whether symantec endpoint management center can co-exist on a server (standard edition of win2k3) with Symantec 10.2 system center?
We want to do some test firs then can migrate or upgrade to SEP 11.
Anyone know SEP network access control portion can cause some issue with users access the network resources?
thanks in advance.
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You can still run a Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition server on the same machine as the SEPM ..but.. you should uninstall the SSC (system center console) from that machine and install it to any other machine in your environment that can access via the network.
The NAC portion of the SEP product will cause absolutely no connection blocking by default. Only if you were to enable the feature and configure policies for it, would it then start to actively log or block on connection.

GrahamA Product Management, Symantec Security Solutions

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Thank you all for the replies. I also read partial of admin manual.
But I could not find in the manual where to grey it out of "disable symantec endpoint protection" on the mgmt consol so my clients cannot disable or enable.......On the old SAV system center, I can find it but on the new SEP mgmt consol, I just could not find the option.
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Thank you, you answered a question I hadn't posted yet re: You can still run a Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition server on the same machine as the SEPM. :womanwink:
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I enabled SEP 11.x Application and Device control policy with USB blocked. I could not use my USB mouth immediately?
Did anybody know there is a way to distinguish USB connector and usb flash memory in SEP? We tried to block the users to use USB flash memory but we wanted to allow the users to use USB keyboard and mice.
I knew some other dedicated software --deviceshield had this function but not sure whether SEP application and device control could have the smart functions.
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you need to make sure you have added Human Interface Devices to the bottom list in Device Control

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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Hi Dear,

Regarding SEP 11.0 installation and implementation, what are the components to be install in  windows 2003 Server,  and client-pc XP components to be install. 




I will brief you, about my office setup.
1. MS-WINDOWS 2003 Server, Domain Arabdox.Acc.LOCAL
    ip address (ACTIVE DIRECTORY ADS)
2. MS-SQL SERVER ip address
    ip address
4. MS-WINDOWS 2003 SERVER ip add
    I have to install/implement/configure this servers as Symantec antivirus
    Endpoint Protection version 11.0, consists of 2 CD'S  (1&2), pls advise me.

if u provide will be easy for installation/SCREEN-SHOTS.


I will be very Thankful to you, pls do the needful.





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The flash of Configuring an Internal LiveUpdate Server in SEPM is missing, I wanna to see how it's work~

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I just looked at this and this is excellent - even for people that never used SAV!  Having a little animation to show how to do basic admin tasks is great for our engineers and our customers!

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1. The flash of Configuring a Sever rollout from the SEPM console is missing.


I realy need to know how it works (there is only client's rollout in the flash)


2. I can't build a SEP manager package from the admin section of SEP management console, even if I have chosen the exe file from the SEPM directory (I got a warning which said that no file has been found)



Thx for you reply

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Hello Graham and Paul


This link is great !!! Specially for the Help Desk teams !!

Is there any way to get this site completely as is to an unconnected to the internet network ?

This will help me a lot