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SEP 11.x error message "Scan Failed: Scan failed to start"

Created: 30 Nov 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments

I installed recently Symantec Enpoint Protection 11.x unmanaged client. Everything seemed to work except when trying to scan from "Scan for Threats". Nothing happens when clicking on Run Active Scan or Run Full Scan. Creating a new scan to be started on demand and executing it by right-clicking and selecting "Scan now" yields an error message - "Scan failed: scan failed to start". There is no mention of this error in the Logs. This error does not happen in Windows XP Pro SP3 Safe Mode.


Has anyone seen this error before or has any recommnedation on how to solve this problem? Uninstalling and reintalling SEP and using CleanWipe did not help.


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Just today I received a laptop with this same problem.  I also tried uninstalling, running the Norton Removal tool, and reinstalling.  No joy.

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I had a similar issue. I opened group policy and went to Computer configuration> Windows settings> Security settings> System services and configured the permissions of some of the policies.

Hope this helps.

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Have you tried updating the SEP with the latest patch? The may also be a problem with the installation or the installation package itself.

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same problem happens to me, and in SEPM it shows that Antivirus Engine Off ??!!!
Any idea?

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I also have the same issue.  I reinstalled the client and it fixed the issue for 1 day.  The next day, the problem is back.  What is causing this and how do we solve it?

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System should be clean before you install AV on it

Try to use Norton Security Scan to clean the system first
uninstall SEP using Clean Wipe (Removal Tool)
Then Reinstall SEP

You can download Norton Security Scan from here

Call support and Open a case to obtain Clean Wipe

CleanWipe will remove all remnants of the following products from a computer:

 · Symantec Endpoint Protection
 · Symantec AntiVirus
 · Symantec Client Security
 · Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection
 · Symantec Network Access Control
 · Norton AntiVirus
 · Symantec System Center
 · Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Note: The following cautions apply to the use of CleanWipe:

- CleanWipe removes all of the listed applications.  You cannot select individual applications to remove. 

- CleanWipe may also remove LiveUpdate.

- CleanWipe may also remove Virus Definitions.

- If you have other Symantec applications on the computer that depend on any of the applications listed above, those applications may not function properly.  You need to reinstall the missing applications after you run CleanWipe.