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SEP 12 Client prompts for UAC access

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

We're currently in the process of upgrading to SEP 12.1 RU2 on all of our clients.  During our piloting its been brought to my attention that now when a user opens the SEP Client on their machine they are prompted with the UAC window.  Now here's the odd thing.  This appears to be only happening to some people.  So far the only coorelation I have been able to tell is that if I manually run the SEP 12 client install on a machine it does not appear to request for UAC.  But all of the machines that were pushed through SCCM appear to be prompting for UAC. 

Additional details:

- UAC is enabled on all workstations within our environment. 

- All users including myself are not Local Administrators on our machines.

- My particular machine had SEP 12 manually installed on it and I do not receive the UAC prompt.  I tried uninstalling SEP 12 and even using the CleanWipe Utility on my machine and then having SEP pushed through SCCM and I still cannot make my SEP Client prompt for UAC.

Has anyone else experienced this?  And ultimately it would be preferred if we could supress the request for UAC on the SEP client but leave UAC enabled globally.  

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One of the recommendations is to turn off UAC. But basically this is expected behavior unless you disable.

Check here

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This is described quite good here:

Windows User Account Control (UAC) prompts when opening the Endpoint Protection 12.1 client interface.

Check on you machines showing here different behaviour if all of the UAC settings set per group policy are exactly the same - there possibly are some differences that showing the UA window on some clients and not on others: