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SEP 12 installed without SNAC

Created: 19 Feb 2014 • Updated: 20 Feb 2014 | 22 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear all,

After upgrading SEPM 11 to SEPM 12 , then export SEP.exe to install on Computers running win7, xp, win 8 but SEP 12 installed without SNAC

I send captured picture in attachment

Anyone can help me resovle this issue ?

Thanks in advance !

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SNAC is a different component all together, did you buy snac license?

Check the step by step method

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once you enable the SNAC license, you will see SNAC under client console.

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but i can't see SNAC under client console, could you let me how to fix this issue?

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Do you see Host Integrity Policy?

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You did a reboot after the install? can you create another package ( Uncheck single exe) and check the setAdi.ini file, it will show the components present in the package.

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Enable SNAC component on already running SEP Manager 12.1 by following these instructions:

  1. Insert the installation CD -> "Symantec Endpoint Protection" autostart menu will appear. This can be run as well by executing the setup.exe from the root directory
  2. Select Install Symantec Network Access Control
  3. Select Install Symantec Endpoint protection Manger. The Setup programm will copy the License file and starts configuring SEPM. 
  4. Go through all steps of the the "Management Server Upgrade Wizard".
  5. Login into SEPM and activate the SNAC license by going into License Activation Wizard (Admin -> Licenses -> Activate License).

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yes, computer is rebooted after the install,

i exported another package (uncheck single exe) and check setAdi.ini file in attachment

Please please help me check this file again,


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There is no SNAC in the package.


When you export the package, what options do you select? It will be SEP 32/64 ( 2)
There will be package for Mac, anything else? 
Can you check the client install settings , may be you are selecting just AV/ AS
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Dear James007

SNAC license is activated before install SEP client.
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Check if you see Symantec network access control service on the client

Client communicating with SEPM?

Did you run the management server configruation wizard?

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See this articles

List of Scenarios on how the SNAC component behaves and how the SNAC components get enabled on the client.
Article:TECH173814 | Created: 2011-11-07 | Updated: 2013-03-09 | Article URL
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Dear Rafeeq

I send you some information in attachement as your questions

i hope you can help me fix this issue.


Client Install Features.PNG Client Install Package.PNG Client Install Setting.PNG
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You just need to confirm if SEP client is communicating with SEPM.

once it gets the policy, it will activate the component

Check if you see Symantec network access control service on the client?

Client communicating with SEPM?

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SEP Client is comunicating with SEPM with dot greent status.

SNAC service on the client but isn't started automatically.

if have over 1000 Clients that SNAC service not start automatically, how to resovle all


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Do you have assgin SNC policy on Client Group ?

SEPM console, go to Clients>Groups>Policies>, assign the Host Integrity Policy to groups. Then the SEP clients can learn the new policy, and the SNAC service can be started automatically

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That might do the trick, assign a policy to the group, update policy, 

when client talk to SEPM, it will look at snac license and downloads it locally. and then it starts the service automatically, once thats done, you will be able to see the component.

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Thanks to all ! i resovled this issue as above guide