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SEP 12 Updating

Created: 23 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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If we have a SEP 12 Manager with SEP 11 and 12 clients, will the GUP's get duplicate updates (double the size of one update - SEP11 and SEP12 updates) per day?

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Ok thanks James. I got this from the internet. Will it only be m25 and m26 files (do you know the sizes?) that will be duplicate on GUP's?

  • Recommendation Number Two: Take efforts to ensure that all SEP clients in the network are upgraded at the same time.  By having a mixture of SEP 11 and SEP 12.1 endpoints, an admin is effectively doubling the amount of room and bandwidth needed.  If all clients are moved up to SEP 12.1 at the same time, the SEP 11 product can be dropped from the LUA server and the burden halved.

(This also applies to admins who use the SEP 12.1 Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to keep the clients up-to-date.  If there are both SEP 11 and SEP 12.1 clients being managed, the SEPM will need to download and process both .m25 files for SEP 11 and .m26 files for SEP 12.1.)

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GUP 11 will not update 12.X clients because PTP is sonar in 12.x

In ideal situation GUP and SEPM should be of same version.

Make 11.x GUP to update 11 clients

12.x to update 12 clients.

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Though bandwidth usage can be significantly reduced by using GUPs strategically, it is still important to ensure that GUPs are positioned in the network to maximize their effectiveness. GUPs should only be configured to provide updates to for clients on their local network segment.

If all the clients are on the same LAN segment, then it shouldn't be a big concern.

It's always recommended to have SEPM and SEP clients on the same version.

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An 11.x GUP will update all components on 12.1 clients. I have multiple 11.x GUPs in my environments that update 12.1 clients. No issue there.

And no, they will not get duplicate updates,

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