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SEP 12.1 Clients acting as GUP unintentionally

Created: 03 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi there, one of our customers got a weird problem with their SEP 12.1.2 installation. They are activiating GUPs with a ruleset which is looking for a registry key, and if it is there, the client should act as a group update provider. We now got the problem, that all clients are acting as GUP, even though the registry key ist not present on these machines. When we change the ruleset to enable GUP for a list of IPs, it works fine. But the customer wants to dynamically specify his GUPs with the registry key.

I attached 2 screenshots. The first one shows the registry key setting and the second one shows the ip list setting. Wit setting 1 all clients are GUPs (even though the reg key is not present on the machines), with setting 2 only the clients which are in the list are GUPs.

setting 1:


setting 2:


Thanks in advance for any help!!

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The only thing I can suggest it to confirm the Client versions match the SEPM version and log a support case with Symantec.

This is clearly some sort of bug, and doesn't appear to be a configuration issue.  I can't find any reference to it being a known problem after a (very) quick search.


It does look a little odd that you appear to have a value defined in the Reg rule, whereas SEP is only looking for the presence (or lack thereof) of the key itself.  SEP does not consider the value.

Whoops, scratch that!  I missed the reg config in the screenie blush

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In setting 1 single GUP option is also selected. Can you just try by deselecting it?

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Can you please let me know the SEPM and the SEP client version


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Just FYI, I've just run a couple of tests on a RU2MP1 SEPM managing a RU2 client looking for the DumpSylink regkey name with a string value and all appears to work fine over here.

As per my first post, can you confirm the SEP Client and SEPM versions?

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SEP Client and SEP Manager are running both version 12.1.2015.2015. I will try to deselect the Single GUP option. But afaik we tested that already.

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What about if you were to use the IP address to identify the Single GUP instead?

TBH, I've been focussing on the rules you tried to use in defining the Multiple GUPs, and how this is failing.  Perhaps you could change it to just check for the existence of this "Am_a_V12_GUP" regkey Name instead?