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SEP 12.1 clients displayed in two groups (one is offline)

Created: 11 Jun 2013 | 7 comments

We recently deployed SEP 12.1.2015. I manually created groups and moved my newly installed clients to those groups. Appropriate policies have been set as well. All is great at this point.

As we expanded our deployment, I imported several computer OUs, so I can better track our deployment. After I did that, I ran into several weird issues with the groups and clients:

1. As soon as I imported the OU, all of the clients were removed from the manually added groups and placed in the imported OUs. (Is this normal behavior?)

2. I could not move the clients back, I had to "Copy" the computers to the correct groups. They are now showing up in both groups, offline in one, but online in another. (Normal behavior?)

3. After copying the clients in Question 2, they were all Online in the correct manually created group, and offline in the OU Group. The next day, some of the computers are offline in the manual group and online in the OU.  (Normal behavior?) 

4. If I remove the imported OUs, the computers disappeared with them. (What is the easiet way to have them redeteced, and assigned to the manually created groups?)

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1. Since you synched with AD, the clients will leave their respective groups and move to the AD synched ones.

2. With AD sync, you can no longer move clients in the SEPM. They would need to be moved in AD first.

3. The clients will check in based on the heartbeat setting. What is yours set to?

4. If you remove the OU, they will check back in to the Default Group based on their heartbeat setting.

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Ok, that makes sense. The "Heartbeat Interval" in Comm settings is set to 5 minutes. I'll remove one of my OUs and test that. However, we are in "Push Mode". Will that affect the heartbeat?

Is there a published best practice on using Custom vs AD groups?

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I removed the OU, and waited for my heartbeat to time out...5 miniutes. Since I'm on push mode, it appears to be an issue here. Shouldn't the clients still try to call home, and place themselves in the default group?

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I've experienced the same issues. Sometimes a newly deployed client says Offine in SEPM although the workstation is clearly connected and functioning perfectly from the client end.

To expound on an example from above, I copied a "green" client from an OU into the Default Group as a test. The green client then went Offline while the new copy in the container was Online. No amount of connecting from the client end or refreshing in SEPM would bring the original OU computer back to green - although the "Last Time Status Changed" was continuing to update with each connection!

When I deleted the client from the Default Group leaving just the original client in the OU, the client still wouldn't turn green again.

I've just opened a case for this issue, but I'd be grateful for any good input. Thanks!

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Whether you have synchronized your Active Directory


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once OU is removed the client will be placed in default unless it has some other registered group.

delete the offline client from console.

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Is there machines are cloned?

it may be because of different GID ?

And do a manual Sync between AD and SEPM.

You can delete the offline clients manually also.