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SEP 12.1 GUP not updating its own IPS definitions

Created: 12 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

On recommendation from Symantec we just migrated from a multiple SEPM model to using GUP's on our remote sites.  Seems to be workign great,  bandwidth is good, clients are getting updated.  Except for several of the GUP's.  

They are downloading the correct update for all components from the SEPM,  they ALL have the correct virus definitions but the IPS defintiongs on the GUP iteslf are not updating.

Hopefully I can be clear:

1. GUP is downloading all correct updates from SEPM (AntiVirus, IPS and Download insight etc)

2. Other clients in sub-net are getting all correct updates (AntiVirus AND IPS)

3. The client located on the GUP server is getting correct AntiVirus

4. Client on the GUP server has out of data IPS and will not update.

I was starting to lean towards the definitions being out of date but we have multiple GUP servers with the same problem.

When we rolled out the GUP model,  it was phased,  we did 3 servers first, then a few weeks later I did the remaining servers over the space of two weeks.  The original servers that were changed in the first phase are working correctly,  the other servers are all out of date IPS definitions.

The IPS definitions that are out of date are between one and two months old so they are pretty old.

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