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SEP 12.1 Multiple sets of SLF files associated with only 1 Serial Number

Created: 26 Apr 2012 • Updated: 27 Apr 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

We bought 3 sets of 25 licenses and when I installed today using the 'I have my SLF file' it let me select all 3.

When added, it associates all 3 x 25 with only 1 Serial Number for a total of 25 seats.

I need to resolve this ASAP.

Any assistance is helpful. Version 12.1

Thanks in advance.


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FYI I already deleted the license and went back to add the licenses ONE BY ONE, but they are still all 3 associated with only 1 S/N and subsequently showing up as only 25 seats.


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There are two ways to activate license, have you tried second option?

if not worked, I would prefer to call the license department.

For any other information can refer following articel

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
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How did you receive these License Files?

Did you receive these License Files in 1 .zip file or 3 different .zip files?

So, do you mean to say, you purchased 25 * 3 = 75 licenses?

I would request you to contact Licensing Team in obatining a serial number at 1-800-721-3934 option 2 or

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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We purchased our 3 * 25 licenses through a Symantec Reseller. We received the licenses as 3 seperate SLF's.

I extracted the 3 licenses individually and added them all at once. Therein lies the problem.

I reactivated, or attempted to, each of the 3 SLF files today and of course one shows already activated and the next one actually did activate and now I am up to 50.

However the last license shows a green check mark but will not show in the license detail frame as a separate license with 25 users more, for a total of 75, so I am still in the same spot.

I will try again and I appreciate the phone number provided.

Thank you.