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SEP 12.1 - NetBackup - _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.* Exclusion

Created: 22 Mar 2012 • Updated: 02 Apr 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Morning All

We are setting up AV exclusions for NetBackup and one recommended exclusion is _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.*

However, SEP does not seem to allow for such a criteria to be defined in Global settings within the Virus and Spyware Protection Settings.

Is there a way? i.e. can we define (via registry) a location for _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.* and therefore exclude that folder location from backup.

If you can help in any way it would be gratefully appreciated


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I read the article and based on the instructions i would need to do this:

Select one of the four options: Known Risks, File, Folder, Extensions.

Note: Wildcard variables such as * and ? are not supported for Known Risks, File, or Folder exceptions. The ? wildcard is supported for Extension exceptions. The Folder exceptions screen will accept * and ? but they will be treated as literal characters not wildcard variables.

HOWEVER, i cannot define _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.* because according to article :

The file endings are either *.tmp or .vsp.

Exclude _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.*  (VSP cache files will either have a .tmp or .vsp extension, depending upon the version of NetBackup, but will always contain "_vxfiVspCacheFile_" in the name, followed by a number.)

Any other suggestions?

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Hello Pete

I have yet to determine the correct path where the _vxfiVspCacheFile_*.*.

Would you know where this cache/temp files reside?  Is there a way to define where the cache will reside?



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I had a look at the issue in greater detail and Looking at article :  it states: “Using VSS instead of VSP will eliminate the risk of errors or conflicts with anti-virus software and also resolve other potential issues that can be encountered when backing up using a VSP snapshot.”

We are using NBU 7.1, and therefore using VSS so we can ignore excluding this file/folder set.  However, i would say defining this file set is pretty impossible in SEP :)

Many thanks - FujSol