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Sep 12.1 ru 1 to ru2 client upgrade

Created: 28 Jan 2013 | 10 comments

Simple and short does the upgrade from 12.1 to 12.1. ru2 require a restart?

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If NTP is installed you will for sure need one.

If only AV, you usually do not, at least that I've seen in some testing. However, you can possibly see performance issues so I usually recommend a reboot for only AV as well.

In short, I would reboot.

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Reboot will be required - but if you are exporting the installation package from SEPM there are couple of options to set a custom or delayed reboot after installation so that the production environment is least affected by the installation - have a look here:

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Yes reboot required,

Check this artical and Chetan Last Comments

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Yes, You have to reboot the system's. and then try to install the same

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A computer restart is required in any of the following scenarios:

  • All client computers that do not run MSI 3.1. Client installations upgrade MSI to 3.1 if 3.1 does not run on client computers, and this upgrade requires a restart.

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection client installation that installs Network Threat Protection and the firewall.

  • Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection server migrations.


Ajit Jha

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Simple and short does the upgrade from 12.1 to 12.1. ru2 require a restart?

--> Reboot is mandatory.

However it can be scheduled at later time with the help of reboot manager.

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Yes, the answer is it cannot be skipped, but then here's another way that I implement to prevent reboot prompt:

Two settings you need to configure.

When you created the package under Admin page >> Install Packages >> Client Install Settings, select the "Schedule Reboot" tab and set it to what you want here.

Than second step:

Go to Clients page >> select a group >> Policies tab >> General Settings >> Restart Settings tab

Set it to what you need it to be.

Configuring both of these will get you what you need as you can supress the reboot by configuring these 2 settings.

The steps above has been suggested by Brian81 and it works for me.


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If NTP is installed you will need a restart, also in later stage also you can restart.

But, recomendation is to restart the SEP client after every upgrdation.