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SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1 and Network Printers

Created: 22 Jun 2012 | 4 comments

Not sure it is a SEP problem yet. Still doing the analysis.

We are running a pilot of SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1, upgrading from 12.1 RU1, using the SEPM to do the upgrade. Some of the people are reporting that they are prompted to install printer drivers after the SEP upgrade. All of the reported printers appear to be networked printers. Doesn't make sense, but I've seen stranger things happen.

We have an App & Device Control policy, but are only using App Control. App Control only blocks some applications and also logs transfers to USB devices.

Intrusion Prevention policies allow our servers.

Once prompted to re-install the drivers, everything works fine.

I know there was an MS security update this month for kernel-mode drivers, but we have a GPO that disables installing kernel-mode drivers. I'm not dismissing the possiblility that this update caused it, but I can't dismiss the SEP upgrade causing it either.

My other problem is that they waited a couple of days to report the problem, and I haven't been able to re-create it yet.

There is nothing about printers in the Windows event logs, and nothing in the SEP logs about blocking/deleting printer drivers.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Yannick Faven's picture


As i'm running a pilot to 12.1 RU1 MP1 and also have a bunch of network printers, i'd like to keep a look for that issue ...

For now, none of my tests clients had this but if ever ....

I've just migrated my own client to 12.1 RU1 MP1 but no printer drivers installation was needed (running on Win 7 ent. 64bits)

SEPM 12.1 RU2 MP1 on a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (64bits) in an ESX 5 virtual machine

About 250 clients connected via Local or Wan connections.


Knowlege value is to be shared !

NRaj's picture

Try to create a case with tech support. I don't believe this is a known issue.

QuickStart Guide - Create and Manage Support Cases in SymWISE

Create and Manage Support Cases

Contact Business Support

dsmith1954's picture

Until I can point to the SEP upgrade as a cause, I can't see opening a case with support. If it were happening to all upgrades, I'd consider it, but since it has only been a few, I'd rather keep them out of it.

dsmith1954's picture

Security updates went out a week prior to our SEP pilot. There was a patch for kernel mode drivers, so for now, I'm calling this an issue with a security update and not SEP.

We're starting the rollout to the remainder of the company this week, so if there are any more printer issues, I'll have to change my mind.