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SEP 12.1 unmanaged clients update

Created: 23 Nov 2012 | 6 comments


I've installed SEP 12.1 unmanaged client on standalone XP machines. Is there any way to update virus definitions without admin rights?


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We have several unmanaged client and the SEP definitions gets update without admin right.

Isn't the client updating at all? Did you check this?

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Incase if this is only 1 or few unmanaged client machines, then you could update these clients Manually by Downloading and Running the Intelligent updater which would update the Definitions.

Check this Article:

How to update definitions for Symantec Endpoint Protection using the Intelligent Updater

The below articles tell you how to do this:

Using Intelligent Updater files to update client virus and security risk definitions

How to manually update definitions for a managed Symantec Endpoint Protection Client using the .jdb file

The above article will need to be used with this article ( to get the unmanaged client to allow 3rd party content distribution.

However, incase if you are carrying a Number of Unmanaged clients, then you may need to take assistance of Liveupdate Administrator Utility.

Check these Articles below to update:

Is it Supported to Configure Unmanaged Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients to Update from LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x rather than the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?

Installation and configuration of LUA

Updating downloads in an internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Server using the downloads from an external LiveUpdate Server

How to change the LiveUpdate source of an unmanaged Windows Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Client

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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There are 'Standard users'. The client definition is Friday, Nov 16. etc. I downloaded click on it (run as standard user):

"Symantec Intelligent Updater


Do you want to deploy all the updates from this Intelligent Updater?"


"Intelligent Updater session complete.
All updates failed to install on the machine. For more details about the processing, please check the log file "Log.IntelligentUpdater.txt" created in the user's temporary directory."

But If I run as admininstrator, everything is ok.

Log.IntelligentUpdater.txt 9.41 KB
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I was thinking of this and there might be a way for you to schedule a task (Accessories - System Tools - Task Scheduler) to run Live Updater with an Administrator account login to do the updates on the system.  I have never tried it since the systems I manage have to be manually updated since they aren't connected to the Internet and do require an admin to do.  If your systems aren't connected where Live Update can run, then the daily changing of the definitions file name will prevent this from working unless task schduler can use an * in the file name to be run.  Never have tried that.  Good Luck.

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For unmanaged clients you can either:

- allow the SEP clients to connect to Symantec Liveupdate Servers and download the definitions updates automatically

- to update manually with the intelligent updater the "standard users" will need full access rights to the Symantec folders:

C:\Program Files\Symantec\

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\

Here is the error from your log - showing that the definitions could not be extracted to the target folder:

Unrar Error code reported : 19

...due to missing access rights.

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Is there any way to update virus definitions without admin rights?

It used to be that if you manually ran LiveUpdate (clicked the button in the interface), it's running as the  currently logged in user, but scheduled LiveUpdate ran as System. I have not seen anything to suggest that this is different with LiveUpdate Engine (LUE), which replaced the old Windows LiveUpdate from 11.x and earlier.

Short version: the scheduled LiveUpdate should work regardless of your users' rights.


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