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SEP 12.1.2 Security Virtual Appliance & Load Balancing

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

My current setup. SEPM 12.1.2015.2015

Site A - SEPM1 with SQL Srv Database
Site B - SEPM2 with SQL Srv Datebase / SEPM3 (no database) (Site Partner with SEPM2)

SEPM1 & SEPM2 are replication partners.

We setup two Security Virtual Appliances. Exported the sylink.xml file from the VMware Desktops group which was used to setup the Appliances. Two Security Virtual Appliances are listed within SEPM2 and SEPM3 (because they share the same database).  They do not appear on SEPM1.  How do I get them to appear on SEPM1. 

My thinking... Within my Management Server Lists, I have it set for Load Balancing.  Setup the following way:

Priority 1
  - SEPM2
  - SEPM3
  - SEPM1

Seeing how I exported the sylink.xml file and used it to setup the Security Virtual Appliances, are the Appliances selecting SEPM2 because of the load balancing?  If this is the reason, is it really that important that they do not appear on SEPM1?  If a VM connects to SEPM1, will it take advantage of the Appliances or no?

If I can't get the Appliances to appear on SEPM1, will I have to change my communication settings for the VMware Desktops group to communicate with just SEPM2 and SEPM3?

Thanks in advance!

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Force a replication than see if it shows up

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Sorry, should of mentioned that I did that.  They did not show up.

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You can actually see the security virtual appliance in SEPM?

Where? Where do you see them? I see where I can check to use them if they exist, but I can't find they exist until or unless I go to the vCenter console in the list of VMs.