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SEP 12.5 Due Soon ??

Created: 29 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 Aug 2015 | 7 comments
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SEP 12.5 was supposed to be due in Q2 of 2013.

There has been no word if this is going to happen.

I have not seen a Beta or seen any postings.

Is this still happening ?


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Where did you see this? When it becomes available, I'm sure it will be posted.

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RU3 is the next scheduled build for 12.1. I would not be able to give a timeframe on the RU5 release.

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Hello RHN,

Currently 12.1 RU2 MP1 is running. There is no official date for release 12.5.

Check the below link

What are the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) versions released officially?

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Cameron is correct- the next release is SEP 12.1 RU3.  That should be available within the May/June timeframe.  It is not possible to estimate any further at this time.

Is there a specific reason why you are looking for SEP 12.5? 

With thanks and best regards,


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I have been told at least 3 times by Symantec employees SEP 12.5 will be due q2 2013.

We are looking for enhancements not just fixes that were promised in 12.5,

One small example is better MAC support and enhancements to the rest of SEP12 .


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The cool new Mac features are on their way- they will not be in RU3, but are on the roadmap for later on this year.  As a Linux/Mac/Android fan, I am looking forward to those myself!  &: )

With thanks and best regards,


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Just for anyone's information SEP 12.5 is not 12.1 RU5 it is supposed to be a complete update