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SEP Blocking Hotel Authentication Portal Site

Created: 11 Apr 2013 | 6 comments

So, I've had a lot of users reporting an issue with not being able to access the hotel wireless.

Occurs when they go to connect to the network, the re-direct page to authenticate to the hotel wireless does not come up. They are able to connect to the wireless network, but it says they are connected to the wireless network but doesnt redirect to any hotel wireless authentication page to complete the connection. Could be wrong but have had a suspicion that the problem lies with the SEP firewall.

This is happening with other hotels as well. They're able to connect to the wireless network.

The only traffic log found with blocked activity.

Traffic logs >
Date and Time : 4/11/2013 6:30am
Action: Blocked
Sev : 15
Remote Host :
Application : Nothing

Operating Systems:

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ᗺrian's picture

What happens if NTP is disabled, just to test it?

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SebastianZ's picture

Try to enable SEP debug with Advanced TSE debugging -  - this should show all blocked (if any) packages by firewall - as well these normally not logged in the SEP console.

mcmillions's picture

With SEP disabled it works fine.

I'll give it a try with Advanced TSE debugging.

SameerU's picture


Please put the following application in centralised application and see whether it work out

Regards's picture

After TSE debugging it was not working fine. What was the another option?


pete_4u2002's picture

The TSE debug should work, as it is the changes in the registry. You need to restart the SMC to logging enabled.