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Is SEP causing this change in ping behavior?

Created: 04 Jan 2013 • Updated: 04 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

We updated from 12.1.14 or .11 to 12.1.2 about a month ago.  Maybe it was that or a recent update of another kind.

A simple ping is behaving differently.

Before I got...

Destination port unreachable.        after sending a ping to a machine that's not on.

Now/today I get...

Reply from (my local computer's ip address): Destination host unreachable.

Nothing with Windows updates.  We've figured that out.

Two computers without SEP on it behave the old/normal way

One comupter without SEP gives me the old/normal ping results from I ping from another comupter and the targe/non-SEP computer is off.  Weird.

All the computers are on our subnet.  I'm wondering what's changed recently.  We used to have 'dest port unreachable.'  I have read several pages online that say if it's on your subnet, it's only one hop, and the pinging computer knows the device isn't there and just displays 'dest host unreachable.'

It's a problem because I've got several batch files monitoring machines.  If it's on, it pings back and error level is 0.  Today if it's off, I get 'dest host unreach' and still the error level is 0.  The batch file responds as if it were on.  The old way gave me either a time out (which I read shouldn't happen, but it was and that's ok) or a 'dest port unreachable' with an error level of 1.  That was fine.  I used the error state, 0 or 1, to control whether alerts are sent out, etc. 

Is anyone else using SEP having issues with pings not working 'normally?'

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Fudge... Narrowed it down.

It's not SEP.

Updates weren't installed here automatically from MS.

We got this one pushed on us yesterday...

It futzed up the ability to ping. I'm getting the 'reply from ipaddress: dest hot unreachable' now on a fresh image with SEP 12.1.2 (which is irrelevent) and this MS fraud update.

I would imagine it will be bundled with next Tuesday's Patch Tuesday MS updates.... Potentially f-ing up everyone's pinging ability....

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I can't tell.

With or without that Windows update.... One ip address gives me the new ping reply I don't want. Another computer name gives me the old response. A third computer name gives me the new response on computers with the Windows updates, the old response on computers without the Windows update.

It's like they know the target and then it's whether they got the update or not. I'm not seeing a really consistent pattern here. Ip address, name... Doesn't matter. Some respond one way, some another way.

I don't think it's SEP-related though.

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It doesn't sounds SEP related. SEP fw ruel allows ping by default.

Do you get a different message with SEP fw disabled compared to with it enabled?

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