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SEP Client group registration in SEPM Console

Created: 05 Dec 2011 • Updated: 05 Dec 2011 | 6 comments
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I would like to know something for this issue:

when I install a SEP client, in case of update: it mantain previous group registration in SEPM Console. Is it correct? Even if the entry in sylink is different.

when I install a fresh new SEP Clinet on machine: it get the group specified in sylink (I guess it is correct, by design).


is there any way to change the group registration in console with some kind of script?

for example redistributing a sylink? or something else?

thank you very much!


Daniele Pierini.

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the client will take the applied policy of that group only.

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I think I don't understand.

so, if I want to change the group?

the only way is moving client by console? handmade?



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If you would want to move a couple of clients from one group to another you could just select them by pressing ctrl and then right click and use the option move and then move them to the desired group.

If there are a lot of clients you could use our utility called Move clients utility.

Provided with SEP RU6 and later is the MoveClient tool. It is available on the installation DVD under \Tools\NoSupport\MoveClient_Utility.

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Thank you for the suggestion! :)

MoveClient tool (available on the installation DVD under \Tools\NoSupport\MoveClient_Utility) is what I'm looking for.

Thanks a lot! :)



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When you are creating a package, it is suggested that you create a Custom package and keep this custom settings as shown below:

Remove all previous logs and policies, and reset the client-server communications settings - Deletes and replaces all logs and previous settings.

I am sure that would help.

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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