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SEP client need to report to SEPM but live update need to be done only from internet

Created: 15 Apr 2013 • Updated: 01 May 2013 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear Support,

One of our client requirement need to be fulfiled with this requirement mentioned bellow.

SEP client systems will be in someother location outside INDIA and those client systems need to report to SEPM server available in INDIA we have firewall configured in both location configured with tunneling systems will be reported through that but the challenge is live update need to be done only from internet not from SEPM server, Please give me the best configuration to configure and perform the activity.

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You can accomplish this with a LiveUpdate Policy that has only the "Update from LiveUpdate Server" and "Use Default Symantec LiveUpdate" options enabled.

Doing so means the client will only get updates from Symantec.  Diabling the "use default management server" option prevents clients using this policy from going to the SEPM for definitions.

Just make sure you set a schedule as well and assign away.

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put those computers in a different group and set them to run automatic live update schedule.

you can apply the LU policy by selecting "Use symantec liveupdate server"

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"Thumbs up" to the advice, above.

If the concern is the amount of bandwidth that must travel across the links, then take time to examine the policy about logging, as well.  If the SEP clients are tryign to forward a large number of events to the SEPM, then a lot of bandwidth will be consumed even without LU files being part of the picture.

Please update this thread with news if that configuration has been successful!  &: )


With thanks and best regards,


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what would be the best way to minimise the bandwidth and configure it according to the requirement.



Thanks & Regards,

Nagaraj Kukke

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Configure the content revisions available to clients to reduce bandwidth

Set the number of content revisions that are stored on the server to reduce bandwidth usage for clients.

  • Typically, three content updates are delivered per day. You configure the number of updates that are retained on the server. You generally want to store only the most recent content updates. A client that has not connected during the time it takes the server to accumulate the set number of updates, downloads an entire content package. An entire package is in excess of 100 MB. An incremental update is between 1MB and 2MB. You configure the number of stored updates to a setting that minimizes how often a client must download a complete update package.

  • As a rule of thumb, 10 content revisions use approximately 3.5 GB of disk space on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

For more information about calculating storage and bandwidth needs, see the Symantec Endpoint Protection sizing and scalability white paper

Secondly, Check this Article:

Minimizing network traffic from client-to-server communications in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1

Best Practices for configuring the number of content revisions to keep in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

How to change the number of downloaded content revisions that are retained by the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager versions 11.0. or 12.1

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Look this artical

Tips For Installing SEP In A Low Bandwidth Environment

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check this document

How To Optimize Endpoint Protection for Branch Offices using GUPs, Load Balancing, and Location Awareness

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Hello Please follow the above comments from pete and rafeeq.

Thumbs up for pete & Rafeeq,!!!!!

Thank& Regards,


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Please put a check mark on Use Liveupdate Server


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Dear Support and all friends there is new product in Symantec called cloude based AV manager we can manage the clients any were in the public network which solved our challenge and helped.

Thanks & Regards,

Nagaraj Kukke