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SEP client not updating definitions because of low disk space

Created: 14 May 2012 • Updated: 23 May 2012 | 5 comments
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Since few servers that have SEP client installed are not updating virus definitions because of low disk space, just wondered how exactly it works. SEP client keeps 3 revisions (each folder around 350 MB). I noticed that when the machine has less than 500-600 MB free space it cannot update virus definitions. So does it first need to download the latest definitions and after that deletes one of the previous revisions? And what is the minimum free disk space that must be available so SEP client updates without any issues (System requirements say 600-700 MB must be available for SEP client but is it the same)?


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I would recommend you to make sure you have the SEP 11 migrated to the Latest version - About Maintaining Consistency of Software Versions throughout a SEP 11 Organization

and work on the following Articles:

Issue Related to Low disk space.

Disk Space Management procedures for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Also, You can also check the Sizing and Scalability Document (attached) for more information.

Hope that helps!!

Sizing and Scalability Best Practices_ v2.3.pdf 688.76 KB

Mithun Sanghavi
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I would assume the client must download and install the latest defs before deleting the oldest of those currently present on disk, just in case the latest download gets corrupted.

Of course, this doesn't really help your servers so it might be of benefit to review the below article on changing the number of definition revisions held on the SEP11 client:

Also, it's probably worth noting that the SEP12.1 client only holds 1 definition revision...

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I need to know in general, after SEP client is installed and already have downloaded and keeping 3 revisions, how much free disk space should be available so SEP can update without any problems?

Virus definitions file is around 150MB, TruScan and IPS signzatures should be much smaller.

Once SEP client contact SEPM (or Symantec LiveUpdate server), does it first download AV, TruScan and IPS defs to some temporary location, unzipping them and then putting them together into C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Definitions\VirusDefs> If so, this shouldn't require so much space.

Is there any article that explains the exact update process of the SEP client?


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the is around 150 MB, this must be unzipped to be installed and, of course, SEP cannot delete the before or during the unzip process but only after that, so at least for a while you need 150 MB + its unzipped size (350 MB) and you have 500 MB. Add the rest of the content, some logs and temporary files and it is not so hard to reach 600 MB of minimal disk space requirement.



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Thanks you for the explanation Giuseppe