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SEP clients duplicate entry in sepm

Created: 19 Apr 2013 • Updated: 21 Apr 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Team, I am having a issue with sep, i am able to see many duplicate IP which are showing in sepm manager.

please help me in this.

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Hello Annie,

Duplicate SEP clients appear in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console

There are two causes for this issue:

Current Theory: The first possible cause for this is when an Endpoint has been re-imaged (whether in a virtual machine or on a physical system).

Things we know: Each installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) randomly creates a "Unique Identifier" for the client. So if this changes and the re-imaged system checks in, it is recognized as a new client.

Example: The IP and computer name are the same, yet the database still shows a different Unique ID.

The second cause for this is related to an issue with moving clients to a different OU in Active Directory.

Duplicate Endpoint Protection client IDs occur if the base image was not prepared for cloning. For more information, read the article How to prepare a Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 client for cloning.

However to Resolve this issue, check these Articles for SEP 12.1: -

How to repair duplicate IDs on cloned Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 clients

Duplicate SEP clients appear in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console

To prevent this from happening, I would recommend you to prepare your clients before cloning /image, check this article:

How to prepare a Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 client for cloning (image)

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Please check in below article, I hope you will get your answer in below link.

Duplicate client entries in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console

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What sep version are you using ?

Also you can follow TECH163349,HOWTO54706

Configure SEPM to remove clients which have not connected within a specific number of days.

  1. Open SEPM and select the Admin panel.
  2. Click on Servers
  3. Right click on the Site where your management servers are located and choose Edit Properties
  4. Check "Delete Clients that have not connected for __ Days"
  5. Enter a value for Days.
  6. Click OK.

NOTE: In version 12.1 of the SEPM, the location for adjusting the setting to delete clients which have not connected for X number of days has moved:

  1. In the SEPM, go to the Admin page.
  2. Select Domains.
  3. Under Tasks, select Edit Domain Properties.
  4. In the Edit Domain Properties window, on the default General tab, note the option to "Delete clients that have not connected for specified time."

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try this

How to configure the number of days after which inactive clients will be deleted from the SEPM database on SEPM 12.1 RU1
Article:TECH175865  |  Created: 2011-11-30  |  Updated: 2011-12-01  |  Article URL


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This issue is occur if you have installed client with image disk or if the client come in network after long time.

For that you can set the day to remove the old system entry.

It will reduce the duplicacy.

Step has provided above by Manish S.

Reffer this one also