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SEP Console Authentication Problem after change to Directory Authentication

Created: 19 Nov 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012 | 8 comments
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Hi to all,

i've configured SEPM to use Directory Authentication and now I have no access with the local account "admin" or the created account in AD

suddenly occured problem, that using domain authentication. when user was trying to log in,

"The administrator's user name or password is incorrect. Type a valid user name or password." windows was appearing....

Is possible to change from "Directory Authentication" to "Symantec Management Server Authentication" without access to the console?



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Did you add the server to the SEPM which provides authentication. Is that server accessible?

You will need to login to make this change.

The local admin account should not be affected by this change as it is completely separate.

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The two servers (Domain Controler and SEP) are in the same network, I do not know if I add the server but I cannot have access to console, I try to reset the local password with resetpass.bat tools and do not work, I still without access.



Yes, I try with other users from AD and do not work.

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If you didnt add the server, the account won't have anything to authenticate against.

If on 11.x after running resetpass.bat try logging in with admin/admin

If on 12.1 you can click the link in the console for forgot password and an email wil be sent with a temp password.

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I think that I do not have configured the email, is possible to see this in some log?

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Not unless you can log in.

What version are you running?

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Reading a NOTE in 

I see that I need to be created the same user/password in SEP and AD