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SEP Deployment to Multi machines

Created: 15 Dec 2013 | 11 comments
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I need to deploy SEP 12.1 on multi machines without entering the password for many times, i mean i need to do it once for all even if there is any machine name failure just skip it and continue. so any easy tool avaliable for that.


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why dont you use the domain account for installing /pushing the SEP client package.

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I am using a domain acoount but some times if a machine with the IP list is not avaliable i have to be there to click cancel to go and scan the other machine IPs, but what i want is if any machine authntication is not right or is off to skip without me interfering with the deployement tool.


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Without User interface it's not possible to skip the installation.when any system not accept authentication you need to Cancel that process

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Is there any third party tool which can be used for such a thing?


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In my knowledge any third party tool are not available.

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Must be there a solution as imagine if i am deploying SEP to 500 machines or more i will have to be face to face with the computer until all deployment process is done in case one machine fail then i have to click cancel and continure with the next machine.

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Try this standalone tool, found in the Tools folder:

Overview of the Push Deployment Wizard in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.x

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I've used it in the past and works great. It's an alternative to the client deployment wizard

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What about using the remote push from SEPM 12 home page?

Go to the tab at tope right of screen to install packages > select pacakage type next > Remote Push > Find computers > Use a tab delimited file of the machines > should allow you to put the admin credentials in and push to machines available to it.

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Do you need more help here ?,If not please update thread

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Not yet James i still need to be there when i am deploying the package

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Hi Sniper,

In my personal experience when I will push multiple system first we have ping all system than we start push Sep client all online system,