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SEP deployment notifications behind open apps

Created: 24 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

I am testing 12.1.3 deployment using notification windows and for the notification before the upgrade and when the system is going to reboot, they open behind any apps that are open. I can't depend on users seeing the icon blinking in the taskbar nor should I have to. The notification should open in the foreground. Anyone else come across this and have a solution?

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To my knowledge this is by design. I've seen this previously in my testing as well. There is no setting to configure this.

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I should also clarify this is happening on my Windows 7 boxes. In XP it appears in the foreground.

Doesn't make much sense if by design.

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Very odd--I would definitely expect the pop-up's focus to be in the foreground. Can't find anything pertaining to this, though, which is strange since it seems so familiar to me. Hoping someone else can pipe up with info.


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