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SEP - Device Control - Blocking Blackberry/Iphone..etc Enable Charge???

Created: 18 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

Hi there,

I have a question around device blocking. We would like to block accessing files on blackberry and iphone, but still enable them to connect for charging purposes or synch through software like itunes and desktop manager - ideally want to block through My Comptuer, but allow the software clients to talk to the devices if possible.

Currently I have blocked USB devices. This means the blackberry and iphone are completely blocked (even from charging) - get pop up from SEP client saying blocked which is desitred beahviour, but no charge? - is there any way to be more granualr? I have got the device IDs and set an exception as a test, but it fully allows the device after that. is there any inbetween options or is it simple on or off.

Can you make blackberry read only through SEP clients?

Any other thoughts or considerations on this?


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Have a look at his KB.Is it possible in you case
How to make USB drives read-only with Symantec Endpoint Protection using Application and Device Control

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I suspect you could use the above KB to make the device read-only, yes.

In terms of can you block the device but still allow it to charge, thats actually dependent on the OS you are using.  On Windows Vista and above, this should be possible, but not on Windows XP I'm afraid.

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Great, thanks guys - I did see some read only options in the policy, but never got it work proper (could still write :-)