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SEP Firewall rules confusion

Created: 16 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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Hi everyone,
Trying to allow local files sharing access after isntalling the SEP11 to client PC's and the servers. MR1 suppose to fix this problem but still having problems after deploying the MR1. How can we solve this matter easily?
In my test lab I've modified one rule but problem still exist. It's the rule number 7 which says block the local file sharing. What I've done is enable that rule and after that instead of blocking I tick the enable option but the no avail.Can soem one share theire experince int his matter?
Symantec can you also provide us a simle methd to solve this matter? I mean every time when we deploy this to client side and have to go ahead and do this rule modification it'd be a hassle.