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SEP Home Use for Employees

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

An end user recently approached me stating that in the past something like this was offered, being new to the company I was unaware of previous plan/support that was provided.

According to this article/pdf:(

Is this something that is still offered? Is there anything additional that would need to be purchased outside of the current SEP Licenses we have?

I found a few sites that are all dated back to early 2010 or 2009, nothing newer than that.

Thanks much!

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If you want to distirbute SEP to end users, you can give them as Umanagemed install. ( wil count license)

this wil not be managed by user inside that what you are trying to achive?

Can you be more specific please. 

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This is usually offered by the company you work for, not necessarily Symantec. Just make sure you're inline with licensing,

No you won't need to purchase anything other than licenses.

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Would this somehow count against my total of client licenses as Rafeeq mentioned? If so where would/how would this be viewable as these machines would be unmanaged?


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You can create an unmanaged package from the SEPM to give to users.

If you give them the install from the DVD there is no way to keep track of the license count.

Check this link regarding licensing for unmanaged clients:

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Everythign should be licensed and then you distribute it to end users.

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Originally we did home use by buying additional regular licenses.   On a renewal about 4 years ago Symantec offered a sku for home use.   those were a lot cheaper.   On a renewal since then I was told that the home use license only had to be bought once.   Makes some sense since support isn't included for them.

I STRONGLY encourage my users to get a security suite.  I believe SEP's personal firewall isn't very usable for as a unmanaged product, and the user's home computer would be better off with a consumer suite.   Often these are available free from their ISP or at a highly reduced cost if you check out the sales.

Contrary to what some others say, It hasn't been my experience that exporting a unmanaged client from SEPM results in license usage.  You need a license for the home client to get the reputation info.   So you'll want to create the install package from SEPM.  That doesn't mean a unmanaged client will report in and be counted as a license.

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Wait a minute.

This document is intended to clarify for Symantec-internal employees and Symantec partners the purpose and restrictions of the Home Use and Student Use licenses for Symantec™ Endpoint Protection. All pricing and SKUs should be obtained from the current, appropriate regional price list. Symantec reserves the right to change this document at any time, without notice.

The Artticle sahred by you is only for Partners and Symantec Employees. Symantec Does not take any responsibility for Companies License distrubution. It is Entirely Symantec's Clients decission how he handels/distributes the License internally.


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant