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SEP Manager Login Hangs

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • Updated: 27 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

When I try to log into the SEP Manager using the remote JAVA application from my workstation the login process hangs at "Logging on to the management server."  The blue progress bar goes all the way to the end as though it completed, but I can't get past that point.  

If I RDP into the server and run the application there, I am able to log in without issue.  Also, the web interface seems to work from my workstation as well.

Rebooting the server does not resolve the issue. 

The server has always been slow, but we recently added additional disk space and 1 GB of ram.

Current config:


     Virtual Machine running Server 2008R2

     3GB Ram

     ~5-6GB free space on system drive

    SEP 12.1.2


    Virtual Machine running Server 2008R2

    2GB ram

    SQL Server 2008R2

Operating Systems:

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_Brian's picture

What version of JAVA are you using? Is it the latest? Did this just start? What OS is running on the machine that is using the remote console?


Rafeeq's picture

uninstall java and remote console.


reinstalla it again. it should reinstall the necessary java version.

that should fix it.

Rokem's picture

It turns out that the manager applet doesn't like the 7u17x64 jre.  I installed it yesterday troubleshooting another problem where installing java updates using altiris was tripping the tamper protection.  


It was unrelated to the performance issue after all.


The performance is still sluggish, but a lot better now that the "overnight" backup finished.  As it turns out, the backup was starting at 0630.  





_Brian's picture

Which is why I had asked. Seems only a specific java seems to work really well and others do not.