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SEP Manager Shows wrong computer name

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 7 comments

See attachment.  When I select a computer to add to the right apanel in the wizard, it shows a different computer name.

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What's the exact version of sepm?

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Looks strange enough - are the computers from the right panel existing at all in your environment? Maybe some ip resolution issue.

Can you try searching network for IP address range and from the found computers there add some - if you can observe here the same behaviour?

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This doesn't look like an issue with SEPM itself. Look for duplicate entries in your DNS server and delete the wrong/duplicate entries and then try again.

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12.1  Don't have the build handy but it is latest.  No duplicates showing in dns.  If I find by IP, names are weird, also.  The ones hilighted are brand new computers although I have seen this on other networks with existing computers.  Not a big deal as when I add them as clients, their names are correct.  Just could not figure out where the names came from.  They aren't even close to our normal naming convention.

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It's problem for Duplicate name exisiting in your DNS record.

Just for testing

 check take remote Control (MSTSC) problematic hostname and check  host name same or different ?

Do you have configure dns scavenging in your work place.

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I agree with Syed, this may be the issue of duplicate Host Entry in DNS.

You can take the remote seesion of one of the client with Hostname and check the hostname manually. Both are getting matched or not.

Try it and revert please.


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Do a ping with host name.

then ping -a

are these entries correct.

You may also try ipconfig /flushdns on the host.