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SEP not providing option "scan for viruses" on right click of any drive or directory.

Created: 06 Jul 2009 | 24 comments

Hi , we have win xp 64 bit operating system workstations here in work place. we are not getting the "scan for viruses"  option on right click of any directory / drive.
Is this the problem with SEP on windows 64 bit OS ? Since i checked this installing over an 32 bit windows xp system and found to be working fine.

I am getting scan for viruses option on right click.

Is there any missing component due to which this problem is heppenning ? Or any patch is there to resolve this issue.

Recently we tested it with the new release of SEP MR4 MP2 but the same case here too.....

Please revert back asap on this...

my mail ID is :


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Abhishek Pradhan's picture

I believe this option is not supported in 64 bit OS's yet. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken about this part.

Another way t try and fix this could be to uninstall and re-install the SEP client. This helps in most of the cases to fix this issue.

Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
Blog: | SIG Lead - Pune IT Pro (Microsoft Pune User Group) |

Prashant Bharadwaj's picture


The right-click scan option will not be available in 64 bit OS. As an alternative, create a custom scans from the Endpoint Client.

Prashant Bharadwaj, CEH, MCTS Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration, SCS Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0

Mikko K.'s picture

I ran into this same issue today. Is there any estimation when this will be fixed? It is a little inconvenient to create a custom scan every time you would like to perform a scan for a single file....

Abhishek Pradhan's picture

No time frame has been provided publicly on this. You may want to try and PM maybe Paul Murgatroyd and ask him if he can provide some insights on this.

Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
Blog: | SIG Lead - Pune IT Pro (Microsoft Pune User Group) |

Mikko K.'s picture

Hi Abhishek,

I addressed Paul directly about this matter. I'll post an update here when I hear more.

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The same problem encountered here but my OS is Server 2003 standard edition 32bit, I compare my two server with the same specs, one is having a right click option and the other one doesnt have an option to scan a drive using right click, can anyone could explain why it happened.

I would like to ask also why there is no option using right click in 64 bit?


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I had a smilar problem before, i found a dll file which was missing most of the times viruses disales this or kills this dll, Damn not able to remember the dll name... thats the one is responsible for the scan option, i checked the windows context menu handlers key but could not remember the dll, working on it, let you know in few mins.

Mikko K.'s picture

Well, don't know if this can really be called an update, but I contacted Paul Murgatroyd about the matter and here's the reply:

"In order to make this work we need to rewrite the DLL that provides the functionality as a 64bit DLL. We are currently looking at timescales for the next maintenance release, but I'm not sure if we can get it in at this point."

So there's not much to do apart from just waiting. I have to say that I'm a little amazed that the common functionality like this has been left out from the software - and that it has not been added there even though the SEP has been around for almost two years now.

Abhishek Pradhan's picture

@ ben: No. What he means is that Symantec is looking towards recoding the DLL for 64 Bit platforms, and till such time this is done, the option to rt. click > Scan will not be available on 64 bit Os's installed with SEP.


Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
Blog: | SIG Lead - Pune IT Pro (Microsoft Pune User Group) |

Mikko K.'s picture

Yes, Abhishek is right. Until a patch with new DLL is released we have to create a custom scan to scan a folder containing the file that is to be scanned. Sucks but what can you do :|

Jeremy Dundon's picture

Right clicking the file and going to 'Properties' is enough to cause autoprotect to scan the file.

You do not get any visible feedback if there is not a virus, but this will allow you to on-demand scan files that may not be currently in use.

Mikko K.'s picture

Hi Jeremy,

You can see if the auto-scan fires up from opening the SEP client UI --> Options -> View file system auto-protect statistics (as pointed out by Symantec's Paul Murgatroyd)
The workaround you provided applies only if you have the Scan files when accessed enabled. To check the status, goto Options -> Change settings -> File System Auto-Protect -> Advanced -> Scan files when. It should be set as "Scan when file is accessed or modified" by default.

As of the upgrading of the dll for integrated scan on demand option for context menu we still need to wait around for that to happen. Paul told me that they've received more requests for that - but there are some other feature requests (such as 64-bit system tamper protection) that have been requested more often. So people, if you read between the lines it's about time to start requesting the scan on demand if we're to have it one of these days :)

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Without this option, it's a pain to scan a usb drive, a local drive ,folder & file.

Specially I am worried about USB drives. I know I can create a custom scan but doing it everytime is really really a pain..

Please let us know  if anyother work arounds available (like copying a dll file to some folder) or anything else..

Since our company at work asks me to use this client, Is there a way I can escalate this?

BTW, this happens to 64 bit version only as mentioned in this thread


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since USB drives used to contain most of the virus and with this option not available it will be really very difficult.

please do a fix on it.

AravindKM's picture

 @pupuns2 you can vote for that idea 
Context menu entry for "Scan for viruses" on 64-bit platform.

So that the developers will look into it..

Please don't forget to mark your thread solved with whatever answer helped you : ) Thanks & Regards Aravind

pupuns2's picture

Arvind, I had already raised this one in that forum.. but no reply on that yet..

AravindKM's picture

While developing newer releases the developers may look into it. Up to that time we have to wait only... 

Please don't forget to mark your thread solved with whatever answer helped you : ) Thanks & Regards Aravind

callmee's picture


I am using WIN 7 64bit OS. There is no option for "scan for viruses" on right click of any drive or directory.
Hopefully, the developer can fix the problem soon.