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SEP outlook plugin log

Created: 31 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
Ran into an issue a couple of days ago and hoping somebody here might have some info that would help.  Had a staffer email three other staffers a pdf email attachment.  All three recipients experienced the same thing.  They all saw some message about the Symantec email proxy deleting the email that went away quickly.  I looked in the risk logs, but saw nothing.  Nothing in the windows event logs either.  Is there some other place I can poke around in to see what happened and what was wrong with this particular message?

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If I am getting this correctly - you have attachment issues with Outlook after installing SEP?

If so:

ERROR: Outlook cannot open attachments.

CAUSE: Symantec's Antvirus Extension has been checked (loaded) upon Outlook loading.

RESOLUTION: Remove Symantec's Antivirus Extension (uncheck the check box) form:

Outlook 2007: Trust Center > Add-ins > Manage "Exchange Client Extensions" drop down > Go > Uncheck box

Outllok 2003/2000: Tools > Preferences > "Other" tab > Advanced options > Extensions > Uncheck box

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Not exactly.  All other attachments work just fine.  It was only this single incident, where the symantec email proxy (SEP Outlook plugin), took it upon itself to delete a message without logging why it did so anywhere I can find.  I don't want to disable the email component, only want to know where it is hiding the information for what it does.
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Unfortunatelly, I am clueless on this one :(

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That makes two of us.  lol.
Not a problem, thanks for trying to help.
It was just a single message, so I'm not too worried right now.  I'll give this thread a few more days to stew and if nothing comes up, I'll create a support incident to see if they can tell me where this information is hidden.
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Believe there is an outlook patch (since MR1)
(cant remember where i downloaded from!!!)