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SEP SBS 2013 pre-purchase questions

Created: 27 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

Hi everyone,

It has been nearly a decade since I looked at anything made by Symantec so please be patient with me.

I look after a small business running a Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (Windows 2008 R2)  with < 10 PCs (Windows 7 Pro).

I came across Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 (SEP SBS 2013) on Symantec website.  I'm interested in "On Premise Management" option at this stage.  I see that 'System Requirement' for this product does cover both Windows SBS 2011 and Windows 7.  

Until recently, I have been a fan of BitDefender but I am looking for an alternative.

My questions to those who are Symantec product aware are:

1/ I hear Symantec products runs light-weight and fast again.  I recall there were a period when Symantec Antivirus products just ate up system resources by the bucket load.  To those who use SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) find it to be quick and light-weight?

2/ If I purchase the SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) from Symantec website, do I install the same product on both Windows 7 Pro and Windows SBS 2011 Server?  With BitDefender, they have two different products for PC and server protection.

3/ When I install SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) on Windows SBS 2011 Server does it offer protection for the Exchange 2010 OR just file server protection OR both?  Again, with BitDefender, I had to install 2 different BitDefender product, one for Exchange and one for file server protection.

4/ I have a network drive and some files I want the antivirus app to avoid from scanning NO MATTER WHAT.  That is, no scan 'on access' as well as during the 'full scan'.  Can SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) be configured to 'exempt' files and mapped drive from scanning?

5/ Call me old fashion but I like to install and manage antivirus apps on individual computers/servers.  I don't like (or need) network management tool to deploy or update definitions.  Can SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) be used as an independent app OR does it have to have some kind of Management console installed somewhere to manage antivirus apps on that network?

6/ I don't like antivirus apps that are 'too vocal'.  Is SEP SBS 2013 (On Premise management version) quiet?  That is, can I set it up so that I can prevent all pop up messages to the users on PCs (except for say when it finds infected file)?

Thank you for reading my very long posting and a special thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this product.


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I found the answers I need. For the sake of other users who might find this post in the future, see this link.

answered all the questions I had.