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SEP Server grinds to a holt every morning

Created: 01 Nov 2011 | 1 comment


So I have notticed between 10:30am - 11:00am recently since upgrading to 12.1 that my SEP server grinds to a holt and because of that my SEPM window on my computer grinds to a holt as well.

I have noticed the 2 proccesses that are causing this issue.

At first its httpd.exe hogging all the CPU then after a while it switches to xdelta3.exe hogging all the CPU

From what I can gather its the SEP Server downloading new difinitions from the Symantec live update server and then applying it to the SEPM.

Now this never used to happen until I upgraded to 12.1 (not that I noticed anyway)

Any thoughts as to why this has just started to happen?

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pete_4u2002's picture

httpd is apache webservice and xdelta is  process for delta creation.

Can you change the LU time and check if it happens?

What is memory consumed?