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SEP test on win 2003 server -- Server freezing

Created: 30 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

I have installed unmanaged SEP on windows 2003 standard server.
I was testing its ability to handle attacks.
I have network threat protection enabled.

After installing SEP on windows 2003 server (A)  i was able to login and access a share through system B(XP desktop)
I took system C and attacked windows 2003 server A by using the following commands.

1) nessus with all plug-ins enabled and scanning 1-65535 ports
2) nmap -P0 -v -p '1-65535' <ip-address of windows 2003 server A)

Once both these commands are running , after sometime both my share and remote-desktop conneciton  from system B whiich was not attacking lost connections to server A and i couldnot even ping server A anymore.

What doesnot make sence is when i am attacking from system C, SEP should just block communications from system C but apparently SEP is stopping all networking functionality on the server 2003 system there by denying access to everybody and i had to reboot the serve or wait for an hour or 2 before SEP relenables all networking functionality.
When i disable Network threat protection and do the scanning the server is ok.

Ayy ideas to keep network threat protectio nenabled and stop server freezing.