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SEP11 crashes gzip/cygwin

Created: 08 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Anyone that has experienced problems with SEP11 and cygwin/gzip??
In our case we get an error message when gzip tries to import/export files in a software called NUPAS. The error we get is "... Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap. Win32 error 487".
Looks like this error came when we installed the latest version of SEP11, 11.0.1000.1375. At the initial installation of SEP11 this was not a problem.

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I'm seeing the same problem with cygwin, and it looks like there may be a problem with Proactive Threat Management.  See this thread for some more details:
I haven't tried just installing the Antivirus and Antispyware as a workaround, but uninstalling SEP11 returns everything to normal.
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Could not open the posted link...
What did the trick for us was uninstalling the clients that was updated with MR1(11.0.1000.1375) and install the initial client again(11.0.780.1109).
So all the issues that was fixed in MR1 will not be fixed with us.... 
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Darned if you do, darned if you don't.  MR1 fixes WPA authentication, but breaks Cygwin.  We need both so we're out of luck until the next release before we can start testing for rollout again.
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I had a similar experience.  After uninstalling SAV 10.1.7, installing SEP 11 and letting
LiveUpdate go crazy, I received the following when trying to delete a file using the cygwin

c:\temp> rm qtlite240.exe
   17[unknown (0x700)]? 2184 init_cheap: Couldn't reserve space for
cygwin's heap, Win32 error 487 c:\cygwin\bin\rm.exe *** AllocationBase
0x0, BaseAddress 0x61600000, RegionSize 0x150000, State 0x100000

The cygwin in question was fairly old (dll version at 1.5.5-1, of Sept 30, 2003), so I removed
it and also removed SEP.  Then I installed the latest cygwin followed by SEP.  Now it seems
to work. It isn't clear how old cygwin has to be to trigger this error.

This error did not occur with the 8.x, 10.x, 10.1.4, 10.1.6 or 10.1.7 versions of SAV.


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Get the latest version of the cygwin1.dll  from the