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SEP11 RU7 MP2 not showing scan progress status

Created: 28 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Hello guys/girls,

I have the following question or issue :

SEP11 RU7 MP2 running on WinXP SP3 : Admin defined scheduled scans in SEPM are set so that the progress of the scan is shown and the logged user is allowed to pause/postpone the scan for certain times and time.

The problem here is that when user with no admin/power rights is logged on that machine this scan progress status is not shown, neither there is a possibility to pospone/pause the scan of course. The only visible thing is in the SEP11 main GUI in the upper right corner there is a progress bar showing that a monthly scan is now performed (  but that is not the separate window that should pop-up and say this is scanned right now "Pause" " Snooze", etc. ).

I know previously that when the same group of users ( member of local Users group only ) have the SEP11 corrupted, there was a statement again in the SEP11 main GUI saying something like " Press the FIx ALL button to fix the problems", however this button was not available. Then the explanation from Symantec was that in order to  perform start/stop of certain services repair of the application, the user that triggers the FIx All stuff should be local admin. OK, I agreed with that, however I considered that this is something that should be fixed.

But c'mon, if it's same why you'd need admin rights to pause/snooze the scan. It will be really ridiculous if it's so.

Thanks !

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ᗺrian's picture

Was this a fresh install of RU7 or upgraded from SAV or an earlier version of SEP?

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Hello Ashish and Brian,

@ Ashish :

The scan are configured to be visible, pausable, etc, long time ago. The scan is running as it should be, but when you're logged with no admin rights the status window of the scheduld scan is not poping up ( just you can see there is a scan in the SEP11 main GUI ).

@ Brian :

Fresh, no. There were several upgrades from RU5->RU6->RU6MP2->RU7->RU7MP2 and I'm pretty sure that the same thing was happening and before, but there was a few complains more related to scanning time...

Migrated from SAV- > No, SAV10 was removed a long time ago, the duplicate scan issue happened on some machines, but overall the environment runs smoothly.

What I've experienced as an issue when we rolled out RU5, the SEP11 GUI stated "Press the fix all button to fix all issues" and the same was not present if you're not an admin.

I'm not asking how to solve this, just quering if this is confirmed when no admin rights, no scan window :)


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the display show come to the users on computers, belonging to the group where show scan progress is enabled.

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Hello guys,

triple tested it :

SEP11 is in computer mode, so user logged shouldn't be the cause.

If you're not an admin of the machine only scan in progress is displayed under Help and Support button in main GUI.

If you're an admin, then there is a window ( the expected behaviour ) that pops up and allows the scan to be snoozed,stopped etc...

So it seems it's an issue. If you are sure that it sholdn't be so, then I'll contact the tech support to find what is the problem.